Sunday, June 24, 2012

Reasons Why This Summer's Going to Kick Ass

A beautiful day of contemplating life in the sun and I'm compelled to write this list. There's movies too, for you hungover people.


Seriously. The Nolan Trilogy will be complete, and there's all kinds of theories on the Internet as to what's going to happen. Watch that trailer up there (like you haven't already) and tell me you aren't excited that blockbusters are a thing.

2. The 2012 thing

I'm not superstitious, religious, pious, or even a little bit suspicious about the Mayan calendar. They ran out of rock, ok? You don't freak out when your desktop Far Side tearaway calendar gets to the cardboard at the back, you just buy a new one (or, more likely, unwrap it at Christmas).  Plus, Mayans didn't do leap years, so by that calculation, the apocalypse should be happening right now. Except last year. Yep, like so many other Doomsday dates, this one came and went. Sorry, New Agers.

Except here's the thing: While I don't by into astrological claptrap, I do know what happens when a group of like minded people get together out of fear. I read Frankenstein: angry mobs. Scared villagers, except our village is on a global scale. There won't be a problem if we don't make it a problem, but even so, this could possibly, however insignificant, be the last summer where you aren't hiding out in a bunker, protecting your family and Twinkie supply from marauders.

3. I'm happy with who I am, and so should you be

For some reason, this radical perception of myself has presented itself in the last 6 months or so. I don't feel the need to answer for any of my "flaws" or shortcomings, nor for my decisions. Example: Yeah I have a hairy chest. Have done for years. You don't want to sleep with me because of it? That says more about you than it does about me.  What torture it must be in your mind, full of barely pubescent boys that don't even know how to aim that thing, let alone how to use it properly (and by "properly", you know what I mean, ladies.)

4. This Speech:

Possibly bolstering #3 on the list is Adam Baker's TED talk from a couple of years ago. It's funny and informative, as all TEDtalks are, but this just spells out clearly: There is no "right" path. Just YOUR right path. I don't want to give it away, but it helps me justify living where I live.

Walking away from the safe option is never easy; we as a species fear change. Yet, we as a species are highly adaptable; the most adaptable species on our planet. Taking that into account, you can make it work. Whatever it is.


Not this, specifically. But writing. I recently started writing for, and in just under a month we have received a lot of interest. So I'm confident in saying that, at some point soon, I'll be getting a paycheque for putting my words online.  (I write under a pseudonym though, you'll just have to read everything to find out which alter ego is me.)
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I think that's it so far - wait, did I mention Batman?