Monday, March 21, 2011

Found! (Number 1)

So I was rummaging through my notebooks looking for a story I had written at some point and found some essays I had written. I'm busy working on a project right now (secretsssss!) but I wanted to put these online because it raises good points that I don't believe will change as I grow older.

Here's the first one.


I've been told that I'm a negative person. The first time it happened was my ex girlfriend, and I was stunned. I like to think I'm a pretty happy guy, so if someone picked this up I needed to work out where it was coming from. I guess the reason I have such a cynical outlook is because I work with what I have. I look around, see what's happening and act accordingly The big one now is cancer. Cigarettes cause cancer. Alcohol leads to cancer. UV rays - the fucking sun, giver of life and sustenance and warmth and energy - now wants us dead. Not only sunshine, but now they're doing studies into the effects of sunblock on the body. Apparently, sunscreen above like SPF 15 may have a negative effect. Seriously. That's how I think humanity will be extinguished. Cancer. That's nothing said of the climate - political, environmental, financial, pick any one - and frankly it's God damn depressing.

But for all the shit piling up in the world, I think it makes love, and by proxy, sex, that much more important. If you're in a relationship, and not a pissy one where you bitch at each other, please go the distance. Tell her you love her, and mean it. Do things for him in bed. Hell, do things for each other in all departments, not because you want something in return, just because it'll make them happy. And if you are in a pissy relationship like the one described above, be the bigger person and fucking apologise. You probably didn't mean to, and you probably don't think you should, but chances are you should probably say "I'm sorry" for something anyway. This world is full of divorce and break ups. It's too easy to call it a day. Work through your problems. I've already shown you that the world wants you dead. Don't piss off the one person in the world that doesn't share the sentiment.

That's not to say being single sucks. Take it from me, being single fucking ROCKS. Try acting even half as debaucherous as you do when you're single, and let me know how that goes. I have a couch you can crash on. You can go out all night, get up whenever you want, talk to whoever you want anytime of the day. You can drink till you pass out without fear of reproach, you don't have to eat bread made out of birdseed. Stop me when you've had enough, couples.

Some say the grass is always greener on the other side. I say, appreciate what you've got. The world is a beautiful place, but the people and the deeds they do are ugly and it's the ugliness we always focus on.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March Madness

And just like that, it's already 6 weeks until the official end of ski season.

What the hell!

I'll admit I haven't been the most active of powderhounds this winter, but I feel like I'm just getting into the groove again. It's tough due to the "perfect storm" of situations - a late night gig means I have no inclination to get out of bed, a laptop that I can reach from said bed compounds that problem. Then there's the location. Not that I'm far out of town (or the lifts) at all; some people would kill to live a mere 15 minute walk. But apart from one summer (2006) I have spent most of my time in or around the village, first as a house advisor, then as a regular ol' tenant that the landlord may or may not have known about. (Really bud, $2500 for 3 people in this town is laughable; you're lucky we didn't set fire to it on the way out.) My point being, a 15 minute walk - in sometimes fairly deep snow - is not something anyone looks forward to, and I didn't even have to shovel the driveway!
So yes, I have been exceptionally spoiled.
Had I either lived where I lived OR had the luxury job that I have, I think I would have been fine to get up on 3 hours sleep, throw all my cold weather gear on and eat pow sandwiches 100+ days this winter.
When this lease runs out shortly, I will be looking to move back towards the village provided I can find something for a "reasonable" amount (reasonable being around $1000 per month) and hopefully I won't have to move AGAIN!

Also: fun stuff in the making for you as readers, and me as a writer. By way of inheritance, I will have acquired a decent sum of money by the end of summer (not millions, trust me). SO: my grandmother loved to travel, even after her sight went, and what better way to spend the money she left me than to see a little bit of the world.

Australia beckons. Yes, THE Australia.

October will be my projected travel time, but I must first organise my passport (specifically get it renewed). Rest assured, as I always do, the stories will be coming thick and fast. I have literally just this second texted the notorious and ever present travelling companion Mr. Sebastian Derham to accompany me, and fingers crossed he shall respond.

By The Way: I wrote in my last entry extolling the virtues of Alta Bistro, and now through a fortuitous turn of events (me having the stones to ask), I write for, and intend to do so regularly. More traffic to their site hopefully will mean more traffic to this site, so it's pretty exciting. So check out the site, and the restaurant next time you're in town.