Monday, March 21, 2011

Found! (Number 1)

So I was rummaging through my notebooks looking for a story I had written at some point and found some essays I had written. I'm busy working on a project right now (secretsssss!) but I wanted to put these online because it raises good points that I don't believe will change as I grow older.

Here's the first one.


I've been told that I'm a negative person. The first time it happened was my ex girlfriend, and I was stunned. I like to think I'm a pretty happy guy, so if someone picked this up I needed to work out where it was coming from. I guess the reason I have such a cynical outlook is because I work with what I have. I look around, see what's happening and act accordingly The big one now is cancer. Cigarettes cause cancer. Alcohol leads to cancer. UV rays - the fucking sun, giver of life and sustenance and warmth and energy - now wants us dead. Not only sunshine, but now they're doing studies into the effects of sunblock on the body. Apparently, sunscreen above like SPF 15 may have a negative effect. Seriously. That's how I think humanity will be extinguished. Cancer. That's nothing said of the climate - political, environmental, financial, pick any one - and frankly it's God damn depressing.

But for all the shit piling up in the world, I think it makes love, and by proxy, sex, that much more important. If you're in a relationship, and not a pissy one where you bitch at each other, please go the distance. Tell her you love her, and mean it. Do things for him in bed. Hell, do things for each other in all departments, not because you want something in return, just because it'll make them happy. And if you are in a pissy relationship like the one described above, be the bigger person and fucking apologise. You probably didn't mean to, and you probably don't think you should, but chances are you should probably say "I'm sorry" for something anyway. This world is full of divorce and break ups. It's too easy to call it a day. Work through your problems. I've already shown you that the world wants you dead. Don't piss off the one person in the world that doesn't share the sentiment.

That's not to say being single sucks. Take it from me, being single fucking ROCKS. Try acting even half as debaucherous as you do when you're single, and let me know how that goes. I have a couch you can crash on. You can go out all night, get up whenever you want, talk to whoever you want anytime of the day. You can drink till you pass out without fear of reproach, you don't have to eat bread made out of birdseed. Stop me when you've had enough, couples.

Some say the grass is always greener on the other side. I say, appreciate what you've got. The world is a beautiful place, but the people and the deeds they do are ugly and it's the ugliness we always focus on.

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