Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tackling the Oasis - Airport Blues

Well, this is a treat.

After working non-stop for 2 weeks (seriously, my last day off was the 11th of October), I am finally headed out of Whistler for some downtime in Las Vegas, Nevada, a small town out of the way where I can really get some rest and take a big step back from the larger than life world I regularly live in…


I have more money in my pocket than I think I ever have at one time, and I don't have much intention of coming back with it. Unless I win big. Then I could die before even returning.

Of course, these plans, especially the ones I make, rarely go off without a hitch. Last time it was being stranded in Montreal Airport, unsure when Seb was arriving to pick me up. This time, I didn't realize my Canadian passport was expired until the other day, so I'm rolling on my EU papers. Given that I never do this (the world loves Canadians!) I totally forgot about the green card/visa waiver required to gain entry when not on the Canadian passport… Thankfully, the website where I am supposed to organize this has been having problems so I will have to fill out the card the old fashioned way.

Just another day in the life of the anti-hero.

By The Way: This was my world the other day.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Work Hard, Play Hard

Sorry it's been a couple of weeks, devoted readers. It's for a good reason though; I'm working tons, which during shoulder season (in between the summer and winter, notoriously quiet in town) is a rarity. I'm helping out at another restaurant on my days off, because approximately half of their current staff have taken the opportunity to fly free to India, Ottawa, South America, and Australia, in the midst of all the "Not Making Money" time. As a result, I am working 8 shifts per week, and my last full 24 hours off was the 11th of October. My next day off will be this Thursday...

when I shall board a plane bound for Las Vegas, Nevada, for the first time in my life. Oh, and I'll be there for the Hallowe'en weekend.

Once again: Hallowe'en. In Vegas.

Here's the story: I got home from watching the Leafs lose to the New York Rangers on Wednesday 20th (my 5 year anniversary in Whistler incidentally), turned on Facebook, and got a message from Seb; who, you may recall, joined me in Montreal this summer.

What are you doing for Hallowe'en this year? Whatever it is, f**k it, let's go to vegas. Seriously, let's do this.

Not 48 hours later, I have the time booked off work, and my ass booked onto a Philippine Airlines non-stop flight to the desert. So guess what? I'm gonna try and write again! This time as often as this city of insanity will allow, though please don't be offended if little or nothing comes about; it just means I'm having a great time. Or I inadvertently got a job, and as such am unable to leave.

Let's have some fun.

By The Way: Google Hallowe'en in Vegas to understand why I may not survive this trip.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Watching Leafs Blow: Why I Love Toronto

So. Hockey. I would watch it over any sport. Hell, any other TV show really. I have lost women over this passion, and frankly I don't care. THe game is the game. And, like all other sports fans, I have a team. It happens to be the Toronto Maple Leafs, widely regarded as one of the most die hard fan bases in hockey; indeed, the Leafs Collective is up there amongst the most rabid groups in all professional sports.

Here's the thing though: The Leafs are terrible. They haven't won the whole pie (also known as The Stanley Cup) since the 1963-64 season. They used to be a force to be reckoned with, but have been known all over as the joke team. They also have huge opposition: if you don't like the leafs, you HATE the leafs. Toronto's sports teams are all owned by the Ontario Teacher's Union, so they don't care if they win or lose as long as the fans keep buying merchandise. So there's a multitude of obstructions as to why any sane human such as myself would ever root for an essentially lost cause, especially as I have been living out on the Wet Coast for 5 years, where Luongo and his men run wild.

The answer is simple; it's in my blood. I am a fan because of all the shitty seasons I have endured. Because whenever we win, I feel elated. I have accepted the fact that the Leafs are very unlikely to win the Cup in my lifetime, and so, when we win, it brings a moment of triumph into our lives. Out here in Whistler, and in fact anywhere in Canada, Leafs fans endure some serious abuse from other fans… As such, we form a bond, a giant unit that meet at Brandy's, or Tapley's, or anywhere showing the game. Through our quasi-masochism of religiously cheering for the underdog of underdogs, we all cry into our beers as a family, and celebrate (less often) as a drunken mob. We are everywhere, cooking your food, making your drinks, cleaning your house, and getting you on the hill. And we all know each other.

That, friends, is why I will bleed blue and white until my dying breath. When they finally attain the unattainable, I will be driving that wagon that all of the Senators, Habs, and Red Wings fans will be jumping on.