Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tackling the Oasis - Airport Blues

Well, this is a treat.

After working non-stop for 2 weeks (seriously, my last day off was the 11th of October), I am finally headed out of Whistler for some downtime in Las Vegas, Nevada, a small town out of the way where I can really get some rest and take a big step back from the larger than life world I regularly live in…


I have more money in my pocket than I think I ever have at one time, and I don't have much intention of coming back with it. Unless I win big. Then I could die before even returning.

Of course, these plans, especially the ones I make, rarely go off without a hitch. Last time it was being stranded in Montreal Airport, unsure when Seb was arriving to pick me up. This time, I didn't realize my Canadian passport was expired until the other day, so I'm rolling on my EU papers. Given that I never do this (the world loves Canadians!) I totally forgot about the green card/visa waiver required to gain entry when not on the Canadian passport… Thankfully, the website where I am supposed to organize this has been having problems so I will have to fill out the card the old fashioned way.

Just another day in the life of the anti-hero.

By The Way: This was my world the other day.

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