Friday, April 16, 2010

New fest; naked fun

And we're back! Just in time to get the Olym- wait, what?

They're finished? The paralympics as well?

How did we do?

...We kicked ass? That's alright then I guess.

That's right, I may be a little late for the show, but I documented a lot. Plus, the Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival starts today - no doubt I can get involved in that a little more fully. Arrested Development are going to be one of the highlights for me (full concert details can be found at, and if I can score a ticket to the Photographer's Showdown, as well as scoring some much needed money in the bank, I'll consider the next 10 days a resounding success.

Let's muse, shall we?

I heard a phrase I haven't heard in a little while the other day: "That girl's a total slut."

Maybe it's a skewed little bubble I live in, but that word doesn't really get bandied about much. At the most, "whore" is used, and by me anyway, often in jest. I just don't see the foundation for it anymore. Is the girl in question of legal age? Is she in an otherwise monogamous relationship? Is she free of diseases? Perhaps the accuser was somewhat jealous of the perceived loose morals of the accused. What do I know though right?

Till next time, (and I promise to do this more often!)

By The Way: I haven't had a chance to see what's happening outside of the Sea to Sky recently, but there's an election in the UK, a volcano in Iceland, and the US giants are in some legal difficulty (Goldman Sachs and Blackwater specifically). Gimme a week, I'll double the BTW next time.

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