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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Insanity And Happiness (extended version)

I once had a girlfriend who told me, to my surprise, that I am a pessimist. As a happy guy it got me thinking. Why do I strike some people (if it is the case) as a negative person? Why do I have a cynical attitude toward the world? Then I look around, and I see what I have to work with. Then I act accordingly. The world is a terrible place.

That's not strictly accurate. The world is a truly beautiful place. From sunsets to altruism, there are some things in life that can literally render me speechless. The people (most of them) and the deeds they do are ugly, and this ugliness is what we, or rather I, focus on.

But for all the sh*t piling up over the last few years, I think it makes love, and sex by proxy, that much more important. If you have a relationship, a significant other, go that extra mile for them. Tell her you love her, let him know how much he means to you. Hell, even if you can't stand them because all the annoying habits they have are piling up, or you had an argument, just be the bigger person, or apologise. The world is full of divorce and break ups, it's become too easy to just walk away. The world wants you dead, or miserable at the very least; don't burn your bridges with the person who doesn't.

That's not to say being single sucks - being single rocks. Try acting even half as debaucherous in a relationship as when you're single and let me know how that goes. You can go out all night - literally! - and sleep in as long as you want. You can drink until you puke, pass out, or puke and pass out. You don't have to eat bread made out of birdseed if you don't want to, because now you're buying the bread. Stop me when you've heard enough, couples. The grass may seem greener on the other side of the fence, but it's just a trick of the light. Trust me. Appreciate what you have.

By The Way: Fans of Into the Wild should check out One Week, an indie film about travelling across Canada. Joshua Jackson (that guy from Dawson's Creek that slept with the teacher) plays an english teacher diagnosed with an agressive cancer, and has his apparent mid life crisis early, while finding out about himself. There's a certain hockey related scene that made me realise how much I love this fine country. Check it out.

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