Sunday, July 18, 2010

East Coast Earthquake: Day 1

Day 1

My dad has a new job since I was last in Ontario. As such, he also has a new place to live. Behold the bachelor pad...

Alright, it's not actually a bachelor pad, he's been with the same woman for a while.

And ok, it's not technically his, either, it's his boss's. He stays there during his work week.

But hey, a rose by any other name. I'm staying here for a little bit. Besides, this is the view out the window in the first shot.

It's also his 'office.'

Did I not mention Bossman's financial situation? That's kind of important. It's in the realms of "no apparent end to his wealth", apparently.

Example: The guy offered to personally finance to have the 3km of PUBLIC road he lives on paved over (it's now gravel). Why, you ask? Oh you know, he collects cars. Actual ones. Classics (an original Shelby Cobra worth a reported 7 figures), supercars (what's half a dozen freakin' ferraris here and there") - he basically gives Leno a run for his money when it comes to hobbies. So he wanted the road paved to protect the cars he drives - for fun - on the weekends. I admire his passion for machines almost as much as his disregard for price tags. (Incidentally it didn't go through, so he bought a trailer to cart them over the gravel to the main road. F**k those guys, that's why!)

Like I said, I'm staying here. And you're not. Call the house what you will, it's pretty fantastic.

By The Way: 'Bossman' is a great name. Was it a Megaman bad guy? Sounds like a cross between a hip hop artist and an actual pimp.

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