Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hello again!

Hey! Remember when I used to write stuff online, mostly for you, but partly for me? Good times...

So, I guess I should get you all up to date. I have gone from zero jobs to 2.5 (I'm helping out at Dusty's for the rest of the summer), and as such, summer just got hectic. I'm back working promotions for the club, which is as good as I remember, but it's become so much bigger than when I left it. And I'm getting regular hours at Flipside, which I mentioned a few months back, and it's fun as hell.

As for everything else, well, like I said, it's been a crazy summer so far. I caught up with a Hagersville alumni yesterday (Nate Buwalda), and to say we had a bizarre night would be an understatement. Now that summer is FINALLY here, it's good to get out in the sun. Oh, I might be in a calendar that raises money for spinal cord research... because apparently chicks dig skinny dudes in this town. And Brother Jules has finally bitten the bullet and will be returning to Whistler indefinitely October 5th.

I'll be honest, I don't really have a whole ton of things to really elaborate on (hockey is still a few weeks away) but I did feel compelled to write something based on the website I discovered recently.

It's no secret that I personally feel that the world is getting closer and closer to destruction of some type (part of the reason I live where I do), so it's refreshing to see when people are generally just being decent people. From the makers of comes, and it's exactly what you need to restore your faith in humanity. Whether it's through a child's innocence, a simple gesture that someone notices, or the story of a family who, after 4 months of their mother on life support, decided to switch off, only to discover her heart, lungs and nervous system functioning well, it gives you something to think about. Really, it's nothing more than happiness porn, but it's wonderful to see that someone or some group decided that there needed to be an outlet for those stories that even Hollywood couldn't come up with. I read the entries for an hour straight, and highly recommend it.

That's pretty much it for now.


  1. can't stop reading "makes me think"
    thank you

  2. That story will be with me for years.... Crazy Anna