Tuesday, September 25, 2012

And we're back...

Oh wowsers. It's been SO long! It's to the point now where I have to force myself to write something.

Ho hum, where to begin? I live by myself, in a studio. It's fantastic.
Excuse the mess. Actually, no. It's my house. Deal with it.

I'm now, for the first time in my (almost) 7 years in Whistler, Creekside based. Here's hoping I get up to Whistler alpine a little more. Plus: Million Dollar ride outs! 

I got picked up by ThoughtCatalog for an article, which I later had to pull because the subject was uncomfortable with the content. Which I respect. So I'm pouring a lot of concentration into a bigger, better article for Mountain Life... If you know how to get hold of John and Eric Jackson, send them my way. I could use their help. 

I'll be perfectly honest I'm struggling with some serious writer's block. I didn't understand that idea until now. Before, when I had trouble exposing an idea, I just have a couple of beer and let my fingers do the work. Now... It's looking at a page of about 500 words, for hours on end, until I want to throw my laptop out of the conveniently located window to my left.  So I'm really using this post that you're reading now to get the creative muscles flexed again. 

I also have a review of an album that's approximately a week overdue... Here's the weird thing: I LOVE the album! I just haven't wanted to sit down and write about it.  That's getting started immediately after I finish this. As an aside, I also received an email from Carl Coleman, lead singer of Sink Ships. I reviewed their EP about a month ago, and they wanted to thank me. Which was fucking awesome. It's easy to lull yourself into thinking that no one reads your work, particularly when it seems I just churn out one review after another, 300 words at a time. It's nice to have feedback, particularly when you consider that i'm doing this on my own time, with no recompense.  So, Rolling Stone, if you're reading, I only do what i'm good at, and listening to music and writing about it is enjoyable. Send me an email and we'll get the wheels in motion.

In the meantime, I promise not to leave you all in the lurch for so long again. (PS: how good was Batman!?)

By The Way: I've been reading webcomics for a while now, and there's a couple that I regularly read. The first, Least I Could Do, has broken boundaries in my opinion by having not only a character, but the main character, in hospital with a serious malady Indeed, one strip this last week or so implied that they had killed him off. To someone that doesn't read it, it sounds stupid to be emotionally invested in a fictional person, but to you I ask: Did you cry when Dumbledore died? How about Forrest Gump's Jenny? It's the same thing, and LICD has shown that well written stories need a balance of humour and tragedy.
The second, XKCD.com, is wildly popular, in part because there are a lot of jokes about math, physics, and weird situations that most humour websites overlook. I wanted to bring attention to their recent strip. Entitled "Click and Drag", it opens up a vast snapshot in the XKCD universe, and with many punchlines happening all at once, I had to physically restrain myself from going all the way through. I highly recommend it for a rainy day.

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