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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Hope and Change, Revisited

The vote heard round the world.

It's always tempting to imagine the best possible outcome. Yet, I remember in 2006, the election that brought Stephen Harper to power, and how easy it is to be disappointed. Never in my years have I seen such a wildfire election. BC was the last to release their election numbers, but by then the decision had been made - Canada is a Liberal country once again, Baron von Harper stepped down, and the Jays put on a blistering performance. It was a hell of a night, that had gathered momentum over the last few weeks to a crescendo. Even Last Week Tonight got in on it, and as always it was razor sharp and funny as hell.

I won't pretend that I am a particularly political man, but as I wake up today, 10 years to the day after moving to Whistler, something feels better. Hopeful? I don't know. I feel 22 again. I have Mr. Trudeau's acceptance speech on as I write this, and, honestly, it's filling me with such patriotic pride I feel like I'm welling up.

Even the weather is showing off: a crisp, sunny day that contrasts yesterday's rainy overcast sky.  It's a perfect day to celebrate.

I had been prepared to make the most of my 10 year Whistler "re-birthday", even if Stevie had carried on his term. Now though, I hope everyone is as happy as I am. This day just got a thick coating of icing and sprinkles.

Sorry this one is so brief, but I have a country to honour, in a town I love.

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