Monday, July 27, 2009

Doughnuts and dog food

My, it has been a while. Onwards and upwards!

So, if you noticed my Twitter profile a couple of weeks ago, you will have seen my exciting Tim Horton's news; namely, there will finally be one in Whistler Village. This is important for a number of reasons. Firstly, it means that some of the many coffee shops may go out of business, even, dare I say it, the evil Satanbucks. (It happened in Melbourne after all!) While many will mourn the death of the latte as they know it (with the half caff, hazelnut, skinny soy, extra hot squiggles on the side) I for one will hoot and holler. It seems no one knows the true reasons as to why such a Canadian institution has taken so long to set up shop in its playground. One theory is that the franchise owner for the Sea to sky corridor (the area covering Whistler to Vancouver) doesn't see a reason to fork out astronomical rent in Whistler when many will make the pilgrimage south. Another is that the aforementioned 'Bux has a monopoly contract with Whistler-Blackcomb (we are a "resort community" after all, a Mickey Mouse Disneytown- did you know clotheslines are classed as eyesores in Whistler?) and TH is not allowed in. Still another (and this is the one I like best) is that the Hortons refuse to charge more than a set price for their coffee, which would make the competition impossible to compete with (remember this is an ontario based company in a place with many ontario borns calling the west coast home; think of the pride...) It could be a combination of the three, and maybe more that we don't know about.
Where this makes for interesting reading is when you throw the 5 rings in to the, er, ring. The coffee shop has been a major (and I mean MAJOR) sponsor of the Canadian Olympic team for years, as well as for hundreds of kid's teams sports across the country. With around 200 days left until the curtain goes up, the chase is on to show that national pride. But what about after March? Will our favourite doughnut shop up and leave like me, the international athletes, and the father in a country and western song?

In Other News, I am pretty amazed at how well cats and dogs are eating lately. Chicken, Salmon Florentine (I mean for God's sake), even Cranberries and Cheese! It's a damn cat! And that cat is eating better food and more rounded diet than I am. Save this food for Africa, where people really ARE starving hungry.

By The Way: I can't find it online, but the new Baskin Robbins Soft Serve Commercial is friggin spectacular. If I can fish it out, I'll post it especially on its own little bloggy-wog.
UPDATE: I just found it! Laugh away!

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