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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I just found this news article from the Daily Telegraph.

Normally, when I say I don't understand something, it means either I haven't look into it more, or the topic is so alien that I have no reference to base my opinion. This is both confusing and alien. The news story is a blurb at best, and I don't get why the guy was arrested for high fiving someone.

As a major high-five enthusiast I am outraged. As a member of the food and beverage industry I am blown away. But more importantly, if everyone in whistler was fined for high fiving as an indicator to how drunk they are, or were serving drinks to said high-fivers and were fined, there would be nobody in the bars and a lot of poor bartenders.

Questions and comments please.

By The Way: I highly recommend Robin Williams' 2006 underdog 'Man of the Year'. Part standup, part conspiracy, it scratches all the itches.

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