Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer's here, Stanley isn't.

Well, kids, I don't know what to say.

The first period was electric; it looked lie we had the powerplay for 20 minutes, so intense was our pressure in their end. Then... I don't know why, but if you watch the third it's like a totally different team out there.

The only saving grace is that it was over far before the final seconds. If we had been tied up until the last minute or so, I think a lot of viewers would have suffered stress induced heart attacks. I used mine up during the Gold Medal game last year.

I also am left speechless at the appalling way a handful of gloryhunters decided to take the loss into their own hands and set cars on fire, prompting the police to fire tear gas, which in turn made the few rioters around get more incensed. The "us vs. them" was maybe not deliberate but was most certainly bulwarked by the Vancouver police, and by proxy the media. You'll notice that they showed the same few clips they had on a loop, long after the sun had gone down it was still broad daylight in Downtown Vancouver. What's more, every Canucks fan is being tarred with the same brush - "monkeys", "idiots", "savages", the top 3 hashtags on Twitter are all concerning Vancouver, and so forth.

I did find this though:

This the "Wall of Love", outside The Bay on Georgia, and makes my heart swell... People this morning, real fans, took to the streets to clean up litter, scrub soot, and just generally apologise for the actions of a few people who just wanted to get on TV. I think it's great that Canadians are Canadian regardless of the situation. We have enough footage of some of them (the angry Greece football shirt, the man in green paint with the mohawk, the countless mid-20s guys that jumped on those two cop cars), surely they'll have lost their jobs and a fair amount of face by today.

Like I said the other day, I love this game. But in this world where people are rioting for things like human rights, politics, and wars, is a hockey game (albeit the most important one of the year) really worthy of civil unrest? Our prime minister is a monster; why aren't we in the streets protesting him? Egypt did it, after all.

Anyway, Go Leafs Go.

By The Way: Summer is officially here, now that game 7 is over. I watched the game in the sun on my boss' patio with the living room window open. Oh yeah! I have a new job. But I'll save that for later.

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