Sunday, July 21, 2013

10957 days down...

Here it is. My last day of my 20s (and yes, I did the math for the days in the title). What to do, what to do? I think I'll talk to you for a second or two!

It's beautiful and sunny, but the world keeps spinning. I wanted to show you a great speech by President Obama in regards to the Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman abortion decision. Here it is.

A little closer to home, I am excited by my new personal project, Life Through The Eyes Of A Manchild: Why I Shouldn't be Allowed to Grow Up Yet.

This comes with a disclaimer: You will read things that you may not want to read about me. So parents, family, and Cooper and Jackson, read at your own peril.

I'm going to be posting once a month for now, until I get more topic ideas. To save you from clicking on the "About" (which I know you won't), here it is...

So here’s the deal… I am 29 for one more month, and I’d really rather not get a big kid job. This website aims to argue my case.
We hear about the Peter Pans all over the Internet, and many read it and think “Hahaha, that is so true! Fuck those silly twentysomethings and their shirking of responsibilities!”
But here’s the thing: no one claims it. It’s an affliction, much like terrible driving, that nobody wants to own up to. Well, here I am, world, wearing sweatpants at noon and drinking coffee for breakfast, to tell you that I, too, am stunted in my development.
It crept up on me slowly, and as I try and take stock of things I realise I might be in pretty shabby shape. This site is a way of highlighting my various boy-isms. Some are pretty serious, but I hope that they’re at least entertaining for you.

I'm also accepting submissions for things that you've noticed us do, whether you're a guy and it's something you notice yourself committing, or you're a lady who notices what a man in her life does with reckless abandon, send it to and I'll try and create some hilarity with it.

So I think that's it for now, hope you're enjoying your weekend and I'll save you a seat at the bar here in Club 3-Zip. They're checking my ID right now so I should be in the VIP lounge by tomorrow.

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