Friday, August 2, 2013

I'm Thirty now. Life is grand.

So my first post as a 30 year old. I gotta say, it's as if I've suddenly become a positive motherfucker.

Maybe I'm still in Holiday Mode... I took a full week off in celebration, which included three nights in a penthouse suite at the Westin, courtesy of my brother. Much poolside lounging was had. Maybe it's the clarity of "being a grownup", whatever that means. All I know is that an entire week of work flew by, and all of the little frustrations that go along with working in a restaurant just washed off me like the waves.  Here I am back on my weekend, slightly hungover from last night, and I still feel relaxed, upbeat... and yes. Happy.

I don't know what caused this change in perspective, but I do know one thing: For a long time, I always assumed that the bartender had to have a slight chip on his shoulder. I guess it comes from the media's portrayal, that the bartender is someone you have a transaction with but keep them at arm's length. There's even a physical boundary between client and dealer - the bar. And yes, he (or she) can have a bit of a bite, but more sass than surly.

I feel like, over the years, I've gradually slid toward the wrong end of this scale. Maybe this landmark year - in more than one way, as I also started 'tending 10 years ago next month - is the reason for my mental shift. That, and one of my new favourite lines: Stupid people are put on the Earth so that the rest of us can laugh at them.

The faults that I have are varied and many, so hopefully this is the first step that will help me fix the rest of them.

I truly hope that you, Reader, are having a great day, and that this unorthodox post will make it that little bit better. It's why I do this after all. I can't talk to many of you on a daily basis, so making you smile or laugh through these quick check-ins from time to time, (albeit one-way) helps me feel like I'm connected to you.

So - once again - Stay Thirsty, friends.

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