Monday, March 23, 2009


I suppose the welcome is for me, as I am about 5 years short of the Blogwave. The ship has sailed, but maybe its a port to port return, and I'll get on the next trip.

A couple of years ago I was working during summer. Most of my friends were seasonal and had all gone home, so I took solace in the rising number of legal pads I had kicking around my room. I soon discovered that these pads (half the size of a standard sheet of paper) enforced the need for brevity in my writings; being the kind of guy that writes EVERYTHING down to make sense of it, this was refreshing. I always liked the name, even though I didn't eventually continue the exercise of keeping my thoughts restricted to one side of the legal pad. It's tough to be happy and write anything interesting. I once said I'd rather watch SPEED over CCTV of a regular bus ride. Even keel is boring as hell.

OK, I'm gonna go drink beer and play guitar. Hope this is a decent enough introduction. The party isn't over yet, is it?

By The Way: For the foreseeable future, my "W" is temperamental, to say the least. Doesn't work when I want it to, then does work when I don't want it. (Funny how many I used in that last sentence.) So, if you ever see "ork", or "elcome" (as this post was nearly named!) or even "wewre", employ the Busted Keyboard Theory and re-read.

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