Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Following the web of social networking

First I was on Myspace. Then Bebo, to appease my English friends. Finally the Facebook Juggernaut, which has served me faithfully for the last couple of years. Here I am toddling along and decide to try Twitter. So the process continues. From Twitter I moved onto blogspot, and now I have to get readers and followers all over again. Why are we not satisfied? This doesn't even include my Music site thesixtyone.com, and now Myspace is primarily a music site now. We've gone full circle!
I remember when you called someone and met at a coffee shop or a bar to hang out and shoot the shit. Now we shoot the e-shit, and don't get drunk or buzzed on caffeine anymore. Know what I'm saying? I could (in theory, anyway) wake up and have a full day without actually speaking to a single person. Blame facebook Chat for that little gem. I can check the news, let my friends know what's up, play Guitar Hero against some kid in Kyoto (and lose incidentally), and generally go about my business without shaking a single hand or hugging a single body. Fortunately I'm addicted to human contact.

And hey, that's just me. I don't even play World of Warcraft.

By The Way: Look at jimlapbap on Youtube and watch his Barbershop series. He's a genius. Then go to www.thru-you.com and be truly mindblown. Watch all the vids, and see if you know anyone on the clips!

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  1. love your writing aaron :) btw you can link these blogs so they post on your notes on facebook. so no more posting in two places ;)