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Thursday, April 9, 2009

House hunting

Why is this so damn difficult? I just need a place to sleep for one year, in exchange for money. The love of my life and I need something for the summer, and there's nothing I can sign on a one year lease that i will be able to afford come September. Plus, it looks like she'll be doing the moving herself, because I'm going home for a couple of weeks which happen to include the beginning of May when most leases begin... Why can''t someone just offer a sofa bed for $500 each per month? I don't deal drugs, I no longer party (working at a busy club scratches that itch for me), and I'm devilishly fun to be around to boot.

Not to kick, but "as well".

Best of luck to all you out there also looking for a place.

By The Way: My two new favourite Internet people can be found at (notice anyone familiar?)

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  1. hey we're house hunting too but with a proper mortgage and stuff! scary.