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Thursday, September 9, 2010

All we need is love…

One of my habits in the morning is to check out the BBC website; it seems to be the most impartial of the big news names, (read: Rupert Murdoch doesn't own it) and it covers everything in the world so it's good to get an overview of the events. Today, Sept. 9th, 2010 - here are some of the headlines:

Obama Condemns Koran Burning Plan

Russian Suicide Bomber Kills 16

Suicide Raid Hits Somali Airport

Taliban Chief Says Victory Close

All of these stories can be found at, but here's a quick overview.

The Obama story refers to a small church in Gainesville, Florida, and pastor Terry Jones' plans to burn as many as 200 copies of the holy Muslim text. On September 11th. Many people are criticizing the "Stunt", saying it will trigger a wave of violence, not only in Afghanistan, but also in America and the UK.

Suicide bomber - pretty self explanatory, 100 injured as well in a market in Southern Russia.

Somali Airport - two car bombs, believed to be set off by al-Shabab, have gone off at strategic points in Mogadishu's airport. So far, the death toll has not been released.

Finally, Mullah Omar, widely regarded as the head of the Taliban movement, has called the NATO led insurgency into Afghanistan "nothing but a complete failure".

My point being, that there is a lot of anger and destruction in the world. But has it always been there? Are tensions rising in the so-called Holy wars, and as such are leading to more outlandish and extreme behaviour? Or is it because I am getting older, and much of the hatred in the world is screened from our youth as much as possible? So that now, when I should be getting married, buying a house, and climbing the career ladder, the pressures of international history would be weighing down on top of these social norms, and that's why most adults seem to be stressed out?

There is no world I want to live in where groups of people unconditionally hate other groups of people… And that's why I live in Neverland. None of us make it out of this world alive, I'd just prefer to make my run last as long as possible.

By The Way: Sorry this post was so depressing but I felt it had to be said. I was still wearing my sweatpants when I had this epiphany; it's not the kind of information one wants to read first thing in the morning. Here is a video with Boobies and Kittens.

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