Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Heavy Issues, Hard times

So about 18 or so months ago, I (or the ex) bought a digital scale, ostensibly to weigh luggage for our trip to Cuba. When we moved to our new pad we found there was not enough space in our bathroom. Or anywhere in the apartment for that matter. Later, when she moved back to Australia, she had no use for a scale and so it became my scale. Now, in my NEW new place, there IS enough room in the bathroom, and so it sits with great pride within said bathroom.

Here's the thing though: I can't go in without weighing myself. It's made even more bizarre by the fact that, as long as I can remember, I've been 160 lbs, give or take 3 pounds. Seriously. I could live on nothing but celery, or nothing but doughnuts, and my weight would not fluctuate outside of 157-163 pounds. It's getting as bad as the OCD sufferers that have to lock and unlock the doors 17 times.

More importantly...

WHY DO I GIVE A SHIT?! Even if I didn't know the answer, I'm a guy for God's sake! I just don't understand myself.

In Other News, Shoulder Season is upon us, and all the webcam photos in the world of the snow falling on the peak doesn't stop the fact that it's still raining in the village. And so, I'm trying to write about Whistler when nothing is really happening. But, Maxx Fish is slaying, with Doctor P and Mat the Alien playing last night, Jelo bringing the noise every Thursday, and weekends being weekends. Which translates to lots of money, but at the cost of City people (or citiots) coming up and fighting. We had the mother of all fights on Saturday, there had to be 8 guys just going at it. I, along with everyone working had to get involved to stop them, but it was only temporary, as it continued long after we kicked them out. It's a miracle I didn't get hit, and these guys were sizably bigger than me so it definitely would have rang my bell. But, it's a one-off I hope never to experience again, at least not in that magnitude. (Incidentally, the guys that were hit, not the 'fighters', have been around this past week, and they're cool.)

By The Way: New scary movie alert! Case 39 tells of an allegedly cursed girl who brings bad luck (real bad luck) to people around her. I want to see it, despite the fact that Renee Zellweger is in it (one of the celebrities on my I'd Punch Them In The Face Given The Chance list) and, being the protagonist, probably won't die.

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