Friday, November 11, 2011

And so we begin again. The winter is at our doorstep, the mountains are prepping to host another stellar shred season. I'm growing a Moustache, (which rocks) and I'm raising money to do it ( Actually, between the club and the Movember campaign, I have approximately 8-10 commitments between now and Dec. 1st. The new kids are coming in strong, and they're the same as always - fresh-faced, cold, and partying. It's almost too easy to get them into Maxx Fish...
Besides all that, I'm writing something new that I'm really enjoying. It's hard to say where it's going to go, but the basic premise (as of now) is that I get drunk and sit in front of Word for Mac. Fun stuff. We'll see where that little path leads to...

But back to the meat and potatoes of life. Today is Remembrance day, and I stopped in at the service. Rain didn't stop play, and my standing in it for ten minutes was the least I could do for the people who fought (and are fighting) for my freedom. As they were laying the wreaths, a rainbow appeared. You all know I don't "do" religion, but it was a nice addition to the proceedings, as were the geese flying over during O Canada. I love when I look up and see the mountains, the snow, the forests. It's the finest parts of this country, all in my backyard, as the photo above shows.

In Other News, local songstress Ali Milner wowed her fans (or rather, the judges did) when she was shockingly voted off of Cover Me Canada, another of those Pop Idol spin offs. Anyone who has heard Milner sing, at the Jazz Festival this September or one of her usual gigs in town (Fairmont? Four Seasons? I cannot recall) knows that she is obviously talented. In fact, Ali and her band were the only team who got through to the final 3 without immunity - in other words, on sheer musical talent, and not by the people following her on Twitter. (Though, it should be said, I did vote!)
This is exactly why I don't watch these shows. Clearly, Ali has skill, but one off night negates her success in previous episodes. Whatever. Ali, if you happen to be reading, I think you're a winner. See you this winter sometime.

By The Way: Please make sure you check out the latest episode of The Daily Show. In particular, the last segment, where Jon Stewart talks about Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky. It's just good television, and it's something I think people need to be aware of. Like the hockey coach scandal of the early to mid 90's, it brings to light some horrible events, but at least they're now known.

Here's to the heroes.

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