Thursday, November 17, 2011

An Open Letter to the Mayoral Candidates

Hi there,

After my 6 years of living here, I have begun to take an interest in how this town is being run. What decisions are being made, and why, are clearly going to have an impact on me in the future, and as such, I have been researching your individual platforms. I wouldn't say I am getting involved with politics, just getting involved with Whistler. You all love this place as much as, if not more than I do, but that was before, when naked skiing and hot dog parties were all the rage, and the province hadn't come down on us as a community for not acting like a grown up. But I love this place despite the rising costs of housing, and the unlikelihood of my ever owning a place of my own. A permanent state of ski-bummery may not be ideal in the rest of the world, but it suits me down to the ground.

As I mentioned above, I am not a politician. In fact, it isn't important what I do, or who I am. I'm nobody important.

But that's exactly the point. There are hundreds of nobodies in this beautiful community who keep this town running. The servers and bartenders, the cooks, the shop managers; will we be taken care of in the coming years?
I have made my decision on my vote, though I choose to exercise my right to hide it. To the one of you who has won my vote: please don't let me down.

It has been said before that Whistler is unique because we have all chosen to live here, in defiance of the hardships that we face. Please, on behalf of my demographic, don't pile more upon the Great Unwashed.

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